Public Awareness
The European Institute implements projects that contribute to stimulating public debate about EU enlargement and informing stakeholders about the costs and benefits of accession. EU accession can easily be perceived as a ‘technical’ question. It is ultimately a political process and demands the concerted efforts of society as a whole. Through our public awareness activities we aim to bring to debate in society different perspectives on enlargement. Please check this page regularly for updates and new information. Conferences and Seminars The Annual Conference of the European Institute is the focus of our public awareness activities. The Conferences aim at bringing to Bulgaria the debate on the future of Europe and Enlargement. Public Lecture Series ?n initiative aimed at contributing to public debate on Bulgaria’s accession prospects. Distinguished speakers are invited to present their views on various aspects of the integration process and EU enlargement. A respected public from the government, non-government, business, academic and journalist community attends the lectures of the European Institute. European Meetings EI also hosts various discussions and meetings on issues related to Bulgaria’s preparation for EU membership. Future of Europe Dialogues An initiative to bring home the debate on the future of Europe. European Forum A network of policy institutes supporting Bulgaria’s accession efforts through research, policy advise and public outreach. The Forum is a joint initiative of the European Institute and the Centre for Economic Development.
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