Daniela K. Penkova
Administrative director dpenkova@europeaninstitute.net Daniela Penkova (born 27.09.1968), a Bulgarian national has a master degree in Power Supply and Electric Equipment (July,1991) and in Computer Sciences (July, 1992) has been with the Institute since its establishment. Ms. Penkova was the senior coordinator of the Humanitarian Aid Programme of the Open Society Foundation – Sofia (1997-1998) and a coordinator in the Bulgarian Assocciation for Regional Development (BARD) – an assosication of the 14 Open Society Clubs in Bulgaria (1999). Ms. Penkova was also Editor-in-Chief (1993-1995) of all publications of Youth and Environment Europe – a network of youth organisations working in environmental protection, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She was also Chair (1995) and Member of the Board (since 1996) of the Young Woman and Democracy Programme (YWDP) - an international network of European’s organisations, dealing with women’s problems based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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