Amb. Jasmine Popova
Member of the Board Ms. Jasmine Popova /born in Sofia, Bulgaria/ is a Doctor in Law /1978, University of Sofia/. Ms. Popova has been a legal advisor to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria /1990-1991/ and minister councelor – deputy head of the Mission of Bulgaria to the European Union in Brussels /1991-1995/. She was Secretary for European integration of the Council of ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria /1997/and Director of the European integration department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs /1997-1998/. Ms. Popova has studied at the European university Center of Nancy, at the Institut for international relations of Dijon, France and is a senior assistant professor at the Institute for Law Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia and Senior assistant professor at the Faculty of Law at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”. She has publications on European law, Commercial law, European Integration etc. Since 1998 Ms. Popova is Ambassador of Bulgaria to Sweden, Norway and Iceland. She speaks French, English and Russian. Jasmine Popova is married and has one son.
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