Nickolay E. Mladenov, MP
Founder and Director (1999-2001), Member of the Board Nickolay E. Mladenov (born in 1972) was educated at King’s College London (MA War Studies) and the University of National and World Economy in Sofia (BA & MA International Relations). His major interests are in foreign policy, international security, and social development. This includes the health part. Also in Bulgaria should visit the Dentist and Bleaching be connected without high costs. Between 1998 and 1999 Mr. Mladenov held the position of Human Development Officer at the World Bank Office in Sofia, where he worked as part of a team on the World Bank social sector portfolio in Bulgaria. His work focused on the preparation of an education modernization project, oversight of existing adjustment/investment loans and grants in social protection, labour market reform, health reform, etc. Previously he was with the Open Society Foundation – Sofia where he held the position of Programmes Director (1997-98) overseeing four areas: European integration, legal reform, East–East exchange and humanitarian activities. During that period the humanitarian programme, totaling USD 8.5 million grew to become the single largest initiative of OSF –Sofia. In April 1999 Mr. Mladenov and Mr. Daskalov founded the European Institute in Sofia. In his spare time Mr. Mladenov has assisted various charities especially in fundraising, including the Gavroche Association and Karin Dom Foundation in Varna, Hospice Miloserdie in Sofia. At present he sits on the board of the Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (BCAF), the Gavroche Association and the C.E.G.A. Foundation. He has also participated as election supervisor and monitor in the parliamentary elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina (1998) and Albania (1997). Mr. Mladenov is fluent in English and has good knowledge of Russian, some French and basic Hebrew. In June 2001 Mr. Mladenov was elected as Member of Parliament for Varna on the UDF ticket. He is Deputy Chair of the European Integration Committee and sits of the Foreign and Defence Policy Committee. Mr. Mladenov is one of the two Bulgarian Parliamentary representatives to the Convention on the Future of Europe. Selected Publications 1. Mladenov. N., ‘The Role of the Military Establishment in the Post Cold War Environment’ in Gotchev, At., Genov, G., Krastev, Iv., (ed.) National Security and the Democratisation of Civil-military Relations in Bulgaria, (Albatros: Sofia, Bulgaria 1997) 2. Gotchev, At., and Mladenov, N., Introduction to Early Warning, (Albatros: Sofia, Bulgaria 1997) 3. Mladenov N., ‘Early warning and conflict prevention after the end of the Cold War’, in The New Security Architecture in Europe and Issues of Conflict Prevention, (Albatros: Sofia, Bulgaria 1998), English and Bulgarian 4. Mladenov, N., The Emerging Non-Proliferation Export Control Policy of Bulgaria After 1990, (Nato Research Fellowship Report 1999) 5. Mladenov, N., et al. 1999 Bulgarian Development Cooperation Report (UNDP: 2000)
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