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Dog Insurance

Dogs are ideal companions and bring us much joy - but there are also situations with the four-legged love, which can be made less beautiful. It starts with the Pounce from strangers, the dog is dirty, the clothes of the person velangt also and now she returns the cleaning costs. If it is an expensive is garment, the appropriate care needed, it can even be expensive. That is, at best, the cheapest option. At worst, we are decomposed to visit friends and the dog unnoticed or an expensive piece of tail wagging during throws an expensive vase to the floor, which shatters into a thousand pieces. An expensive breeding female may be in heat and our male dog follows his instincts and endows her a visit with the result that she is pregnant and approaches of the holder of the Hünding now up to us with the demand of reimbursement in the vicinity. Much worse is it when the dog possibly the leash pulls or not listening to us, following the hunting instinct or other interesting thing, crossed a busy street and make it a rear-end collision by braking the driver by running across the street dog comes. Now it gets really interesting, ideally, is the dog, nothing happens. In an accident of this kind can provide a huge amount of cost to the holder, for he is liable for his animal. Cars need to be repaired, pain and suffering and loss of earnings is made. It is quite regardless of what situation ever arises, the damage you have to stand straight for it. The private insurance is not in this case for such damages. be completed for the animal a dog insurance. You pay bite damage already listed or damage even if the neighbor's dog digging around expensive equipped garden bed and it ruined everything. The size of the dog is independent of the damages. Any dog can cause damage and possible damage to all these is the operator liable.

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