Amb. Stanislav Daskalov
Founder and Chair of the Board (1999-2001) Stanislav Daskalov (born 1952) is former minister of foreign affairs (1993-1994) in the government of prof. Berov and deputy minister of trade (1991-1993) in the governments of Dimitar Popov, Filip Dimitrov and prof. Lyuben Berov. He was chief negotiator of Bulgaria’s Europe Agreement (1992), of Bulgaria’s Agreement with EFTA states (1992-1993). He was also Bulgaria’s chief negotiator for GATT accession (1991-1992). Mr. Daskalov was Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (1993) and the first representative of an East European state who served as Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (1994). He worked in the private business sector in 1995-1998 (Metallurgimpex Ltd. and Lega InterConsult – Penkov, Markov & Partners). Stanislav Daskalov founded with Nikolay Mladenov the European Institute in April 1999 and is full time with the institute. At present he is also president of the European Movement-Bulgaria, member of the Boards of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Foundation FAEL and the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria. Mr. Daskalov speaks English and Russian and has publications on European integration, foreign and trade policy. Since November 2001 Mr. Daskalov is Head of the Bulgarian Mission to the European Communities in Brussels, Belgium. Stanislav Daskalov is married and has two daughters.
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